Mécénat Musica

In perpetuity

A gesture like no other that enhances culture today and for generations to come


Mécénat Musica is a cultural program by donors for donors. Mécénat Musica encourages individuals to make an in perpetuity donation of $25,000 to a cultural organization that is important to them, and encourages philanthropic families to match these individuals’ donations with donations of $250,000 or $2,500,000. This is a major shift in cultural philanthropy.




The net cost to an individual of a $25,000 cash donation after personal tax credits is $6,750* (or $5,425*) and is due, among other credits, to an additional tax credit from Revenue Quebec for one large cultural donation, which can only be claimed by the donor once in his or her lifetime, until December 31, 2022.


* Read Mécénat Musica program below.