Mécénat Musica Prix 3 Femmes

Emerging female composers and librettists

Mécénat Musica Prix 3 Femmes $50,000


Mécénat Musica Prix 3 Femmes is a $50,000 prize dedicated to developing new operas by Canadian women and is a prize for three teams of emerging woman-identified opera composers and librettists in Canada who demonstrate extraordinary promise in opera creation. Mécénat Musica Prix 3 Femmes is the only prize in Canada where a combination of all of these elements is encouraged financially:

Female creators                                      Composition                                 Workshop

Emerging Artists                                  Libretto Writing                           Performance


Maria Atallah, Ottawa & Alice Abracen, Montréal (tied)

Kendra Harder & Michelle Telford, Saskatoon (tied)


Laurence Jobidon, Québec & Pascale St-Onge, Montréal (tied)

Margareta Jeric & Naima Phillips, Montréal (tied)


Cecilia Livingston, Toronto & Monica Pearce, PEI

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